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It’s Hot up North!!

Posted on July 25th, 2012 by Lucy

Yes folks, we too are experiencing searing temperatures just in time for the Olympics.

It got me thinking…

The cheapest and most effective way to keep cool whilst you’re in the Smoke or watching at home is to buy some of our wonderful sandalwood fans. Not only to they fit neatly into handbags they are beautifully carved and smell wonderful.

So keep your cool this Summer and order your fantastic fans now!


Our Sandalwood Fans smell wonderful

Treasured for thousands of years, sandalwood is a uniquely fragrant wood known for its distinct color and its ability to support intricate carvings. Each foldable, natural-sandalwood-colored fan measures 8″ x 14″ and has an intricate carved design on its panels with a delicate white tassel attached to its handle. Perfect for summer occasions, outdoor weddings, garden parties and much more, each Fashioncraft exclusive sandalwood fan favor comes packaged in a white gift box.

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